Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Q - Why do we pay annual dues in July instead of January?
    A – Our fiscal year correlates with the UIAA.  Annual reports including financial and membership are due to the club at the end of their fiscal year therefore we must coordinate our efforts.

  • Q - Can I get a ride to an event? 
    A – We would be happy to find a ride for anyone who may need one.  We have members who attend events from all over the city and in most cases we can find someone who would be able to give you a ride to an event.

  • Q - Do I have to be an alumni to attend an event? 
    A - You do not need to be a member to attend our events but you must be the guest of a member.

  • Q - Is there a Lifetime Membership category? 
    A – Currently we have no Lifetime Membership category.

  • Q - May I attend an event and pay for it when I get there? 
    A – Any event where we ask for registration in advance must be paid for and space reserved in advance.  For most of these events we must purchase an exact number of tickets and/or meals in advance.