From the President...

Welcome to the Tucson Illini Club!

Our club strives to support the educational purposes of the University, cultivate friendship among club members, and express loyalty to the University. We are also committed to providing community service and giving back to the community as well as to the U of I.  We do this through a variety of educational, social, cultural and athletic activities and programs.

After receiving one of the best educational experiences money can buy, we all found our way to one of the best climates and friendliest communities in the country.  It is this common bond that not only makes us Tucson Illini, but also connects us to University of Illinois graduates all over the world.  The work product of the University of Illinois is measured with the success of its graduates and in the impact we make in our local communities.

The Tucson Illini Club has held a local presence for many years. Now, with the advent of this web platform, we move into a new era for the club.  An era where we can grow closer, stronger, and be more in touch globally with the University.  So whether you are reading this as a long time club member, or as someone new to Tucson, know that your club thanks you and welcomes you here. There are over 1300 of us in the Tucson area.  So relax and enjoy, you are amongst good friends.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope to see you at one of our events soon.

Mike Bayers